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Topic subjectThere's actually some good points here
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33465, There's actually some good points here
Posted by KAYA MAGA, Wed May-31-06 07:24 PM

>Ahh...case and point..Wouldnt want whitey generalizing about
>the size of a black mans penis..but hey, we're talking about
>european penis' so fuck it, lets say all crackahs have small

This is a valid point I think Aqua needs to deal with.

>There are FAR more pressing issues than your interpretation of
>a directors interpretation of a fantasy piece made 70 years
>ago...Stop wasting your time and effort with useless shit..
>Cats are being racially profiled..Dudes are getting unfair
>treatment in the judicial system...The jails are filled with
>young black youth,robbed of their lives...People of middle
>eastern descent are being illegally detained and tortured on
>the regular based simply on their religion and
>nationality...and yet here people are arguing over a fucking
>movie...Really puts the world in perspective..