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Topic subjectno one is claiming that the Empire St Building wasnt a huge penis.
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33460, no one is claiming that the Empire St Building wasnt a huge penis.
Posted by mcdeezjawns, Mon Dec-19-05 02:21 AM
But careful throwing around genrealizations that simply are not true... You made the corollary between europeans and their obelisks..I am simply pointing out that the Egyptians and plenty of other groups of peoples also had the same obelisks...

>I mean do we really wanna walk down the rode of Egytpians and
>the accuracy of thier moments to their dicks versus
So...If a European makes it, it is directly related to their issues with their genitals, yet it is not the same case when another group of peoples creates the SAME FUCKING monument? See, this is my problem with you. Most of the time you raise valid issues, yet when it comes down to it, the way you argue them, you completely contradict what you are sayin in terms of attacking one group for unjustly generalizing, while doing the same damn thing in your posts...

>With Europeans isn't that like a midget making Satsquatch

Ahh...case and point..Wouldnt want whitey generalizing about the size of a black mans penis..but hey, we're talking about european penis' so fuck it, lets say all crackahs have small members....

>My point wasn't even that as much as the subliminal sexual
>imagery embedded in the film, the Empire State building being
Like I said, no one is claiming that it isnt there. But for you to call PJ a racist for working with an already existing piece of work is ridiculous at best.

There are FAR more pressing issues than your interpretation of a directors interpretation of a fantasy piece made 70 years ago...Stop wasting your time and effort with useless shit.. Cats are being racially profiled..Dudes are getting unfair treatment in the judicial system...The jails are filled with young black youth,robbed of their lives...People of middle eastern descent are being illegally detained and tortured on the regular based simply on their religion and nationality...and yet here people are arguing over a fucking movie...Really puts the world in perspective..