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Topic subjectYour missing the point... and he's not 7 NOW.
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33453, Your missing the point... and he's not 7 NOW.
Posted by AquamansWrath, Fri Dec-16-05 05:02 PM
So because he was 7 the film wasn't racist?
In fact, to a 7 year old child who doesn't understand subliminal racism... how do you think the film affected him? See your missing the point... big time... again. That's exactly my point... white people make movies like this to get a message or image across in their work. How many children saw A Birth of a Nation? Sambo? Planet of the Apes? Do you think these films all filled with stereotypes had no influence on a child?
Moving beyond that Peter Jackson is a grown ass man... don't hit me with the heartfelt bullshit cause if you use that excuse then that gives a man the right to make Tarzan? So if he saw Sambo at age 7 is it cool for him to remake that?
Damn. Ya'll stick together like a motherfucker, even when your obviously wrong as a motherfucker.