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33436, well...
Posted by Mr. Wednesday, Fri Dec-16-05 06:12 PM
>First, I owe Peter Jackson nothing.

never said you did. but if you're going to characterize a person's "work" as a whole than you should know more about it.

Not concerned with his
>work at all actually.

this post indicates differently.

Second, Kong is a proven racist concept
>no different than Tarzan. LOTR has so many racial undertones
>it's ridiculous. If anything Peter Jackson is probably not
>even aware how racist his work is, and that's cause he is a
>rich, comfortable white man, and often times their intellect,
>their actions, and their views are never challenged.
>Partially because they surround themselves with others just
>like them and because they can live behind wealthy walls.
>However, no one needs to tell me anything about the racial
>undertones... I can see them for myself.

i agree with everything you said about LOTR and Peter Jackson's ignorance/priviledge. but i'm withholding comment on King Kong because i haven't seen it yet.

and by the way, i don't think these types of interpretations can be "proven" in the way you suggest they are.