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33428, AGENDAS...
Posted by camil, Tue Dec-27-05 03:01 PM
i was like, counting down the days til the second and third releases of the trilogy came out. let me say, i agree, we cant so much put weight on tolkien as it relates to him being racist. he's a product of his times. BUT, what was 'projected in the movie' does raise eyebrows.

let me restate, i was a devout! lotr fan. and it wasnt until my fifth or sixth time viewing the movie had i realized the representation of africans etc. but then i thought why should there be, this isnt our history!

HOWEVER, bringing it on back to front, and modern times. look at the parallels. we're activists here and we have our agendas for "freedom". what this boils down to is a global question of 'teams'. yes there was representation of revolution here. the africans in the last battle, the hispanics by sea and so forth. i mean it is so metaphoric for what 'could' happen, when you think of global society and war. i think thats the most interesting part and probably the propaganda comes in because of where we are as a worldwide society. america is on the brinks. few will answer to her call. and they will have to rely on their 'forefathers -the green ghost' laws politics, tactics, foundation, constitutions and so forth to assure their rule. present day police state.

i, still thought the whole ring and finger and feminist agendas was a different way of looking at it. you need to step away from the marijuana for a bit though, still it was interesting nonetheless. but you know how it is, its merely literature supported by video images-comparable to the bible. folx twist the literature to fit their AGENDAS all day er'y...!

the only thing, is that we didnt get a chance to learn why the darkies were trying to overthrow 'mans' rule. the reason in the movie was presented on some just to do it, greed shit.

lastly in the words of eninajay (chicago poet): 'movie writers are so clever!'