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Topic subjectRE: I've been telling all my friends the LOTR series is racist as hell
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33423, RE: I've been telling all my friends the LOTR series is racist as hell
Posted by grrrlgone, Sun Dec-18-05 02:21 AM
I loved deconstructing books and movies back in school, too, but, your comments go way overboard.

But, before I get into my comments on your Tolkin rant, I'd actually be interested in that paper you wrote in your soc class on the Jewish conspiracy. (Seriously.)

>Here's my take on LOTR. You start off in a utopia dominated by
>wasp males. It is an all white Christian patriarchical society
>and pretty flowers gorw and all is dandy. Then the ring is
>introduced. The finger going through the ring very much
>resembles penetration, i.e. intercourse. This is
>representative of a loss of ground in the male power
>structure. The person who puts on the ring becomes a slave to

I follow you to here. Your rationale is sound and the associations are strong. It's this next part that is a stretch for me.

>The social suggestion is that the feminist movement is
>undermining a pre-ordained male dominance which is destroying
>the promised land.

Ring/Penetration concepts do not bring to mind... the feminist movement. Maybe marriage, maybe rape, but, an entire social movement?

>Women are out to make men their slaves and
>are not to be trusted, they should not be undermining their
>role as second class citizens and male property.

I don't get this transition. While I agree the symbolism is there in our pop culture, you aren't doing a good job of putting this into context for Tolkins stories. A ring is the evidence?? I need more points, I need to see the connection for you.

>Let's be honest, what does the eye above the castle look like? It >looks like a big sinister vagina.

Okay, what?!?! The all-seeing vagina???? That's actually kind of funny.

>We also see a dark army rise out of Mordor. Mordor sounds quite >like mortar a mud like substance. What does these right wing >militia groups call African Americans and Hispanics? Their term for >them is the mud people and they believe these mud people are out to
>destroy them.

How did Hispanics and African Americans get into it?? You are making a correlation between a muddy substance and two entire demographic groups.

>This group of Christian white males are out to
>destroy the ring and battle to restore order in the world
>using their swords. Let's look at what the sword represents.
>The sword is a mighty phallic object. These warriors are using
>their manhood to restore order in this world turned upside
>down. Speaking of upside down, the sword upside down and you
>have a Christian cross.

Okay, so, a crescent moon upwards is a U, does that mean that all Muslims actually worship themselves?? That's ridiculous. The cross is an ancient symbol, older than Christianity. There isn't anything wrong with that symbol, but the phallic symbol part is right, as well as using manhood to restore order. You just keep reaching TOO far.

>Who do they meet up with along the
>way? A two faced ugly little trickster named Smiegel. Smiegel
>obviously represents the people of Jewish decent, being that
>these right wing militia groups consider Jews two-faced

That's crazy. What is the evidence that Smiegel is representing Jews? He's a crazy character, seriously disturbed and under the influence of this all seeing vagina you talked about earlier. If this "Jewish Representative" is fighting the same vagina the white boys are…. I don't get your point. He is coveting that ring, too. So, Jews are feminists?

>In the end, the white Christians defeat the dark
>army and destroy the ring. The sinister vagina watching over
>them and controlling their existence disappears from their
>castle. At the end of the film, order is restored in this
>Christian utopia with the men in charge and the women in a
>subordinate position. The two-faced Jew and the dark army are
>now out of the picture and all is well in their world. An
>interesting side note is that when Timothy McVeigh bombed the
>Oklohoma City federal building he was trying to start the
>white Christian revolution that is described in the Turner
>These right wing nutjobs believe that the Jews currently
>control the world and that African Americans and Hispanics are
>working for the Jews trying to undermine white Christianity.
>They believe that the revolution described in the Turner
>Diaries is a divine revolution and that God will grant them
>victory. They believe after this revolution the earth will
>exist for 1,000 years as a white Christian utopia with all
>those who are not white Christians will be wiped off the face
>of the earth and condemned to hell by God. To me, LOTR seems
>to be pretty allegorical of their belief structure and the
>revolution they believe will bring them to their promised

Regardless of any comments I made, your post is interesting. I think that you reach too much and don't support your thoughts very well. I follow your ideas, but, they are very weak arguments. I've read a lot about this Jewish conspiracy, some about the Masons, some about some secret society derived of the Knights of Templar, along with other equally weird ideas. A lot of people freak out about the Jews. It seems that the theme of LOTR revolves around diverse races and cultures coming together to fight the evil that will destroy them all. Perhaps I am too mainstream. Perhaps I haven't spent hours pissed off about a movie. I'd love to hear you deconstruct this evil. I don't think it's racial, but, I do agree it has something to do with our social mores. Shrug. Who knows.