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Topic subjectLet's discuss subliminal racism = Peter Jackson's work.
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33408, Let's discuss subliminal racism = Peter Jackson's work.
Posted by AquamansWrath, Fri Dec-16-05 02:04 PM
Lord of the Rings. Not a black motherfucker in the cast. Yet all the evil people of hell are black. Hmmm.

King Kong. King of the jungle. Can tear down airplanes... yet he bows down to the beauty of some blonde bitch.

Look people... subliminal racism has been Americana from day one...
in fact, it used to be direct. However, what we are witnessing is a modern director, reaching back in time, and deliberately using films that border these themes. Mind you, white men will make white movies where the heroes are white. However, once you start dealing with subliminal terrorism (good vs. evil themes as in LOTR) or subliminal sexual insecurities (which is King Kong) when is your card plucked?
How can modern black america sit back and not at least analyze this for what it is?

What's next for Peter Jackson, Sambo versus the Predator?