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Topic subjectRE: oh word?
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33360, RE: oh word?
Posted by Chike, Mon Jun-20-05 10:42 PM
>You're both naive and bigheaded. Films have far more
>influence on your way of thinking than you can imagine.

You're crazy and apparently proud of it. Let me first mention that you're saying to this to someone who was once a Film major and graduated with it as a minor. But maybe that background experience of mine would be relevant if I was actually guilty of having said something that mistakenly suggested that i didn't understand this principle you've so kindly tried to gesture to.

Aside from the fact that there was absolutely nothing naive or big-headed about my statement, the influence films have on people's way of thinking SUPPORTS my statement, and so... I really have no idea why you keep replying with such foolish things to say.