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Topic subjectDon't take this wrong way (seriously)...
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33352, Don't take this wrong way (seriously)...
Posted by Chike, Mon Jun-20-05 10:47 PM
>>>btw, your apotheosis of mr x was funny, too.
>>If you think it's "funny" to call Malcolm X one of our most
>>important lives and stories, you must know very few and very
>>little about black people. Which suggests to me that you
>>should avoid making statements on what is or is not an
>>apotheosis in relation to anything black.
>>We're talking basic historical knowledge here, sir. You
>>as in, you can hate Malcolm X but know his cultural
>>as a symbol, all that kind of low-level awareness of social
>>history, etc.?
>it's sad that a student of philosophy isn't capable of reading
>between the lines. in turning mr x into a symbol and callin
>him one of "our" greatest lives you are deprivin him of his
>there is no need to celebrate a person's life.

...is English your first language? I don't even mean to be offensive in asking that. You think celebrating a person's life is wrong and that it deprives people of their humaneness... I really wish to know what interesting definition it is that you have of "life" and "celebration", this definition that somehow makes "one of our greatest lives" an inhumane description (!!!).

And uh... I mean, if you saw the movie, you can't possibly think it deprives X of his humaneness. And again, on the other hand, if you think Spike would refrain from using the language I did to describe Malcolm, that ALSO suggests you didn't see the movie.