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33351, RE: no misunderstanding
Posted by Delete me, Mon Jun-20-05 04:58 PM
>>It was just funny to see someone callin that flick a
>Uh. So if you ended a flick with little kids in South Africa
>getting up and saying "I am Malcolm X" and made sure to
>include Ossie Davis' masterful eulogy, you wouldn't see it as
>I should really not engage with people when they exchange
>intelligence for snipishness.

yeah, maybe you should not.

>>btw, your apotheosis of mr x was funny, too.
>If you think it's "funny" to call Malcolm X one of our most
>important lives and stories, you must know very few and very
>little about black people. Which suggests to me that you
>should avoid making statements on what is or is not an
>apotheosis in relation to anything black.

>We're talking basic historical knowledge here, sir. You know,
>as in, you can hate Malcolm X but know his cultural importance
>as a symbol, all that kind of low-level awareness of social
>history, etc.?

it's sad that a student of philosophy isn't capable of reading between the lines. in turning mr x into a symbol and callin him one of "our" greatest lives you are deprivin him of his humaneness.

there is no need to celebrate a person's life.