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33350, RE: no misunderstanding
Posted by Chike, Mon Jun-20-05 02:04 PM
>It was just funny to see someone callin that flick a

Uh. So if you ended a flick with little kids in South Africa getting up and saying "I am Malcolm X" and made sure to include Ossie Davis' masterful eulogy, you wouldn't see it as celebratory?

I should really not engage with people when they exchange intelligence for snipishness.

>btw, your apotheosis of mr x was funny, too.

If you think it's "funny" to call Malcolm X one of our most important lives and stories, you must know very few and very little about black people. Which suggests to me that you should avoid making statements on what is or is not an apotheosis in relation to anything black.

We're talking basic historical knowledge here, sir. You know, as in, you can hate Malcolm X but know his cultural importance as a symbol, all that kind of low-level awareness of social history, etc.?