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Topic subjectfilms can be powerful
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33344, films can be powerful
Posted by LexM, Tue Jun-14-05 02:58 PM
i had no clue who malcolm x was before i started seeing the "X" hats right before the movie came out. i thought folks were worried about the number 10 for some reason....

but after i saw the movie it was like, "ok. what can i find out about the REAL man?" i was in love. i went home & yelled @ my parents for not telling me who he was. i went out & bought his autobiography.

that opened up a WHOLE new world for me. black panthers. assata. huey. eldridge cleaver....all that. then the poetry. then came amiri baraka, watching sankofa, wanting to know about slavery, then about africa...it goes on.

no, a movie is not and should not be the alpha and omega.

but it can spark thought, discussion, or even an "i can do it better...", which snowballs into more poignant art all around.

~fear is the mind-killer~

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