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33334, Great! n/m
Posted by Nettrice, Fri Jun-24-05 12:09 AM
>Here's what I wrote my list:
>Friends --
>We did it!
>Thanks to your efforts, and those of the many many others who
>signed petitions, called and emailed their congresspeople, and
>got friends and relatives to do the same, funding for the
>Corporation for Public Broadcasting has been fully restored.
>The vote in the House was 284-140, and that vote was the
>direct result of our outcry.
>I urge you to continue to follow this story. While the
>immediate crisis has passed, public broadcasting remains in
>the crosshairs of some politicians. The independence and
>objectivity that Americans value so much in public
>broadcasting is being directly threatened. Good people like
>Bill Moyers are speaking up, but they need people like us to
>stand behind them. So please keep close tabs, and make sure
>that your representatives know that this issue is important to
>you even when Big Bird isn't roaming the halls of Congress.
>For now, though, let's celebrate. The moveon petition was
>signed by over a million people... the most signing any
>petition in this country, ever! Now that's a movement, huh?
>Your radio pal,
>Jesse Thorn
>The Sound of Young America