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33333, Saved!
Posted by PolarbearToenails, Thu Jun-23-05 11:23 PM
Here's what I wrote my list:

Friends --

We did it!

Thanks to your efforts, and those of the many many others who signed petitions, called and emailed their congresspeople, and got friends and relatives to do the same, funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting has been fully restored. The vote in the House was 284-140, and that vote was the direct result of our outcry.

I urge you to continue to follow this story. While the immediate crisis has passed, public broadcasting remains in the crosshairs of some politicians. The independence and objectivity that Americans value so much in public broadcasting is being directly threatened. Good people like Bill Moyers are speaking up, but they need people like us to stand behind them. So please keep close tabs, and make sure that your representatives know that this issue is important to you even when Big Bird isn't roaming the halls of Congress.

For now, though, let's celebrate. The moveon petition was signed by over a million people... the most signing any petition in this country, ever! Now that's a movement, huh?

Your radio pal,
Jesse Thorn
The Sound of Young America