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Topic subjectRE: it's not *just* npr
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33302, RE: it's not *just* npr
Posted by PolarbearToenails, Wed Jun-15-05 10:24 AM
>i'm not really a big fan of npr myself, although they can be a
>good resource. i'm not arguing for npr, but you keep bringing
>them up.
>i'm talking about locally run/produced stations. like college
>radio. like pacifica radio. what happens to those kinds of
>networks if we lose public broadcasting dollars?

As you can read in this article:

I'm ambivalent about NPR myself. But I'm sure NPR will be OK. It may cause some cutbacks in some of their more vulnerable programs, but they'll ultimately be OK.

The real threat is to small stations, which depend much more on the federal funding, because they're serving smaller, often poorer communities. That includes community stations without any network programming (like my home station, KZSC), college stations, Pacifica stations... all the stations you identify. Not to mention the potential for low-power FM stations to serve immigrant groups in cities, etc etc.