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Topic subjectit's not *just* npr
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33301, it's not *just* npr
Posted by LexM, Wed Jun-15-05 08:31 AM
>>I sure as hell don't. and i don't plan on getting it.
>most people do

"most people" have computers, too. does that mean internet access shouldn't be more affordable? or that public libraries shouldn't be better funded to bring state-of-the-art technology to folks?

>>the closest thing to it i *do* have is a station like PBS.
>>i can almost assure you that if public broadcasting goes,
>>cost of cable will go thru the roof. think about it: it'd be
>>the only way you can get "other" news sources, outside the
>I doubt that PBS is what's holding people back from getting

you missed my point.

i'm just saying public airwaves are important. hell, i wouldn't want the public access channels to disappear from cable, either.

>>i dunno about your town, but the college/public radio is
>>the best thing going if you have half a brain.
>A few NPR shows are ok, but I doubt any of the shows would
>exist if they had to rely on advertising dollars. People just
>don't want to hear them. And if people don't want to hear it,
>why should they have to pay for it?

i'm not really a big fan of npr myself, although they can be a good resource. i'm not arguing for npr, but you keep bringing them up.

i'm talking about locally run/produced stations. like college radio. like pacifica radio. what happens to those kinds of networks if we lose public broadcasting dollars?

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