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Topic subjectRE: not everyone has cable
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33298, RE: not everyone has cable
Posted by foxnesn, Wed Jun-15-05 08:29 AM
>Your argument is silly.
>Most people do have cable -- but tens of millions don't. Do
>those people not deserve quality programming?

no they dont. people dont DESERVE anything. especially television programs.
>Perhaps you're just a market absolutist, but part of the
>purpose of the CPB is to provide broadcast programming that
>isn't supported by the market. American Indians are a small
>percentage of the people in this country -- too small to
>support commercial broadcast programming. But CPB supports
>programming for people like them whose demographic power
>doesn't buy them programming from commercial sources.

>Someone here wondered whether Nickelodeon cares about kids or
>profits. The fact of the matter is that Nickelodeon cares
>about profits from kids.

as they should.
>Maybe we should privatize water services... or roads.

actually we should. roadways and water were at one time provided by the private sector and they were as effective then as now. not to mention with the rate of inflation adjusted, cheaper...