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Topic subjectRE: not everyone has cable
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33295, RE: not everyone has cable
Posted by sunngodd, Tue Jun-14-05 03:44 PM
>I sure as hell don't. and i don't plan on getting it.

most people do

>the closest thing to it i *do* have is a station like PBS. and
>i can almost assure you that if public broadcasting goes, the
>cost of cable will go thru the roof. think about it: it'd be
>the only way you can get "other" news sources, outside the

I doubt that PBS is what's holding people back from getting cable.

>i dunno about your town, but the college/public radio is about
>the best thing going if you have half a brain.

A few NPR shows are ok, but I doubt any of the shows would exist if they had to rely on advertising dollars. People just don't want to hear them. And if people don't want to hear it, why should they have to pay for it?


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