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Topic subjectRE: More than Sesame Street
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33281, RE: More than Sesame Street
Posted by PolarbearToenails, Tue Jun-14-05 04:35 PM
>>Owned and controlled by whom?
>Evil, corrupt, greedy corporations. Who is PBS controlled by?
> The Government, who, i'm sure you'll agree, is controlled by
>evil, corrupt, greed corporations.

PBS is absolutely *not* controlled by the government, which is part of the reason that the right has hated it for so long. It is independently chartered and run.

>But PBS was created when there were only a few options on T.V.
> Now we have hundreds of options on T.V., many doing what PBS
>is doing, and countless options on the internet. PBS may have
>been necessary at one time, but i'm not sure it's necessary

A) *Some* people have many TV options. Those tend to be the most priveleged people.

B) The airwaves remain publically owned, and it is only right that they serve the public interest.