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Topic subjectUrgent action needed to save public broadcasting
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33275, Urgent action needed to save public broadcasting
Posted by PolarbearToenails, Tue Jun-14-05 01:37 PM
I just sent this out to my email list, but I thought I'd share it here as well.

June 14th, 2005

Public broadcasting is under very serious threat -- and this time, it's no email hoax. If you care about public broadcasting, please take a few minutes to learn about the threat and take some action.

Here's a Washington Post article on the current situation:

To summarize: a house subcommittee has voted to eliminate funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting within two years. This funding is vitally important to public radio and television, especially for stations in smaller markets with less listener and underwriter revenue.

You can take action. Contact your congresspeople. Funding for public broadcasting is not a partisan issue -- it's a public interest issue. Tell them how much you value the information and entertainment that public TV and radio give you.

Here's a moveon.org petition on the issue:

Here's a convenient way for you to contact your representatives:

Please, take a few minutes to take action, and then take a few minutes to share this message with others who care about quality public media.

Jesse Thorn
The Sound of Young America