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Topic subjectFundamentally different approaches to looking at
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33257, Fundamentally different approaches to looking at
Posted by MALACHI, Sat Jun-11-05 12:29 PM
the ONGOING CAUSES of our problems, maybe so...

>On the other hand, Suave and 3x have two fundamentally
>different approaches at looking at our problems. 3x looks at
>the global system of white supremacy as the cause of most of
>the world problems, while suave tends to look at and blame the
>victims of white supremacy for being victimized.

However their approaches to SOLVING the problems are oftentimes very similar: Strong families with fathers, get an education, stop the "baby mama" phenomenon, work hard, disdain for homosexuality, hard work, stop listening to demeaning music, better morals in Black communities, getting drug dealers out of our neighborhoods, etc.

3X's approach is "these Devils GOT us in this situation, and they are trying to KEEP us in this situation because they hate us regardless of whether they are Republicans or Democrats...just like the Devil has caused problems on this planet anywhere he goes...but eff the Devil, lets better ourselves in spite of his "influence", we need to fix our problems ourselves."

suave's approach is "yeah, White people have done some bad stuff to us with slavery, racism, etc...but we are not fulfilling the legacy of hard work that our grandparents and great-grandparents set for us who started Black Colleges, established thriving Black communities, etc. Let's stop using what white folks have DONE to us as an excuse to not WORK. Who care if they like us or not?"

Both approaches are basically WE HAVE TO FIX OUR OWN PROBLEMS. As a side note, I am going to go out on a limb...I don't think suave likes White folks any more than 3X does...keep in mind, this cat says he used to be a 5%er, how many times has he said that just a few years ago he didn't want to hear anything White folks had to say, and read his sig RIGHT NOW about how "white folks thoughts have no magical powers"...I take that to mean "Who cares what crackers THINK".