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Topic subjectWhat are the differences between Bloods and Crips
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33256, What are the differences between Bloods and Crips
Posted by brokenchains79, Sat Jun-11-05 11:52 AM
Well I am from Chicago so I would assume that the difference between the Bloods and Crips are no bigger than GD's and Blackstones. I mean they argue over colors and "territory". If those folks were politically educated those superficial differences would diminish.

On the other hand, Suave and 3x have two fundamentally different approaches at looking at our problems. 3x looks at the global system of white supremacy as the cause of most of the world problems, while suave tends to look at and blame the victims of white supremacy for being victimized. I'm sure they can probably find a common ground in working together but they'd find that common ground from way different approaches.

*shrugs* just my speculation

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