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Topic subjectWell, you know, it's like this...
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33247, Well, you know, it's like this...
Posted by HoChiGrimm, Sat Jun-11-05 02:37 AM
I'm trying to be less rigid
and more receptive to opinions
and ideas that I don't necessarily
agree with, as long as the individual
is genuinely concerned about social
change. Just because I differ with
someone on an issue doesn't always
mean their perspective is invalid
(sometimes it is, e.g., Foxnesn).

In the case of 3x and Suave Bro, it's
obvious they are polar opposites, in
terms of ideology and methodology. Bro
can downright work my nerves sometimes,
but there is one thing I'm certain of,
he is extremely concerned about the
plight of the black community. That's
fine with me.

Unlike Expertise, he doesn't appear to
be an ideological conservative, steeped
in classical Reaganism. Frankly, I don't
believe the man could give a damn about
any of that partisan rubbish.

He seems more like the kind of guy who
is disillusioned by countless, empty promises
made by mainstream liberals, and he sometimes
overemphasizes personal responsibility (not
always a bad thing).

I see no reason why the Bill Cosbys and Angela
Davis's of the black community cannot coexist,
so long as each is willing give the other the
opportunity to utilize their respective strategies
and methods for social change.

With that said, it's quite obvious there are crack-
pots out there who's agenda, masked within the facade
of goodwill, perpetuate this system of oppression,
and therefore, exacerbate the plight of oppressed
people. However, I don't believe Suave Bro can be
classified as such an individual.