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Topic subjectLook, brother, I hear you, and I certainly find the man
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33243, Look, brother, I hear you, and I certainly find the man
Posted by HoChiGrimm, Sat Jun-11-05 02:53 AM
to be abrasive and sometimes rude.

I will say this, despite his displays
of political incorrectness, dude is
sick and tired of the apathy that is
plaguing our society, regarding getting
off one's ass and making a difference in
one's own life.

While I gravitate more towards the perspective
of how social forces shape one's destiny and
life chances, and how mechanisms must be put
into place to ensure everyone has a fair shot at
succeeding, Bro believes man must force him-
self to shape his own destiny (much like Sartre),
regardless of disadvantages.

There's room for both perspectives if we all could
just engage in a civil dialogue and listen to one
another, as well as to what we are attempting
convey to each other.