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Topic subjectTruth be told? Suave is the only conservative I'm feelin here.
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33240, Truth be told? Suave is the only conservative I'm feelin here.
Posted by HoChiGrimm, Fri Jun-10-05 07:14 PM
I'll tell you why...

His brand of conservatism is similar
to that of old timers in the Black
community who hearken back to an era
when the community was more cohesive
(before it was decimated by social
forces, reactionary policies, and drug

For example, if a young fool got outta
line, the next door neighbor was granted
permission to light the kid up -- not
just the parents. If a young dude wanted to
join a gang, the gang leader would be like,
"look, youngblood, I can tell this shit ain't
for you. Get ya ass back in school."

Suave don't give me the impression that he's
one of these puesdo-conservative blockheads
(like Expertise) that tows the party line; he ain't
an ideological conservative.

This dude makes us mad at times, but definitely
gives us real talk, whether we agree or disagree.