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Topic subjectI'm basically a lurker in Activist
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33232, I'm basically a lurker in Activist
Posted by Shakeet Lokh Em, Fri Jun-10-05 05:07 PM
I STAY in the Freestyle board. But I do come through here when I get in my angry, "I'm sick of this crap" moods. But on your point on the black community, you're right. One of the greatest examples of that is Dr.King and Malcolm X. Both OBVIOUSLY wanted equal rights for African-Americans, but went about it in different ways. Peace versus any means neccessary. And a point that is lost on many, Muslim versus Christian. Your sig basically breaks it down. So many people want the same thing, but are convinced THEY have the answer and no one else. It's funny. In Black America, people have died for our freedom. But it seems in the quest for freedom, there exists a self-imposed autocracy. No one person has the answer. And in reality, it's a bigger issue than Black America. It's a world issue.