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Topic subjectMy observation of 2 fellow OkayActivists:
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33226, My observation of 2 fellow OkayActivists:
Posted by MALACHI, Sun Jun-12-05 11:26 AM
suave_bro and 3X. Anybody who has been in OkayActivist any amount of time knows that their "debates" have been intense, thought-provoking and oftentimes hilarious, to say the least.

On the SURFACE they may appear to be two brothers who are diametrically opposed to one another. One CONSERVATIVE brother, One MILITANT brother. Their differences are obvious because I think they both tend to wear their politics on their sleeves.(No offense to either.) But I venture to say that these brothers are far more ALIKE than they are DIFFERENT. Allow me to show and prove:

-They both hate the murder of Black children through abortion.
-Both view homosexuality as a perversion.
-Both have expressed that they don't trust White Liberals.
-Both dogged Fantasia out because of that stupid "Baby Mama" song.
-Neither one of them think a plane hit the Pentagon.
-Both of them will call you a "NEGRO" or "COON" at the drop of a hat.
-Both preach that black people need to improve our moral state.
-Education is very important to both of them.
-Both are some article posting maniacs.
-They both hate mindless, self-degrading hip-hop.
-They both obviously do a lot of reading.
-They both are lightning rods.
-Both had THE EXACT SAME RESPONSE on the Malcolm/Homosexual crap.

If memory serves me correctly, the majority of their arguments stem from conspiracy theory discussions, Cosby vs. Dyson, or political party foolishness.

Why is this topic Activist related? I think the "relationship" that these brothers have here in OkayActivist is a microcosm of the relationships of many Black folks here in the U.S. and really throught the diaspora. Here we have two well-spoken, well-read, well-educated, obviously passionate brothers, who have much in common, but this common ground is LOST by spending a bunch of time arguing over points that are minute when compared to the grand scheme of things. They both have said repeatedly that something has to be done about the state of Black people, and WE need to be the ones that do it. What would happen if their intelligence, passion, and love of our people were combined?


(Has anyone else noticed the similarities...or is my theory crazy? I'm interested to see what type of response this post gets...and interested to see if either suave_bro or 3X respond.)