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Topic subjectdefinitley BUT....
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33219, definitley BUT....
Posted by fatlip, Wed Jun-08-05 05:46 AM
peep this.

so when you were in 5th grade and the little smart ass skinny kid was getting his ass whooped by the fat bigger stronger kid, except the little kid wass cutting up, laughing, having fun with it, and the stronger bigger kid was technically WINNING the fight, but the other kid was having a good time laughing and still enjoying the whole scenario while the big kid is expending all this energy being mad.....then the whole class walks around not remembering that the little skinny kid got his ass whooped, they remeber that the little kid was laughing the whole time while the big kid was mad, crying, and intense with it.

finklestein is that big kid. he technically wins his battles, but no one remembers cause he's so busy being indignant and at the end of the day, he's not a pleasant cat to be around. thats just real. and it affects the way his points and his messages are received unfortunatley.