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Topic subjectNorman G. Finkelstein exposes Alan Dershowitz's plagiarism!
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33194, Norman G. Finkelstein exposes Alan Dershowitz's plagiarism!
Posted by Pinko_Panther, Tue Jun-21-05 09:36 PM
The following link is from an episode of Democracy Now! with Amy Goodman on Sept. 2003. Here he debates with Dershowitz and exposes Dershowitz's own book as a work that is a complete product of plagiarism. Finkelstein is one of my favorite intellectuals who I have met and interviewed personally. Here he makes Dershowitz seem like a complete fool. I think it relates to activism for anyone who cares to see to what extent the pro-Israel establishment will go to defend the brutalities of that country. It is important, according to Finkelstein and myself, because if Israel actually had a case, pro-Israel scholars would not need to fabricate lies to justify their actions. Here it is:


Norman Finkelstein is a New York professor who has spent his academic life exposing the crimes and lies of pro-Israeli zionist scholarship. He is a pro-Palestinian activist and was born of Jewish parents, both of whom survived the Nazi holocaust. Many Zionist Jews defensively try to discount Finkelstein's work by labelling him a self-hating Jew. Finkelstein, however, says his work is motivated, not only by advocating for Palestinian justice, but also because the Zionist establishment has also oppressed Jews who do not fit the pro-Israeli status-quo.

*edit* Oh, and here is the link to the page. The above link will take you to the video, the one below will take you to the page where the link can be found:


Also, here is Norman G. Finkelstein's home site: