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Topic subjectBoston WiFi Summit
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33193, Boston WiFi Summit
Posted by Nettrice, Thu May-26-05 09:54 AM
Last week I attended this event:

"The Boston WiFi Summit was a hot spot yesterday for business executives, politicians and residents looking to break down the "digital divide.'' Mayor Thomas M. Menino told the crowd that he envisioned wireless Internet access throughout Boston, "fostered through a public-private partnership.'' Menino also boasted of the Main Streets program's success in implementing WiFi technology in Rosindale Village last week, with plans to do the same for West Roxbury next week." - http://business.bostonherald.com/technologyNews/view.bg?articleid=83919

Here's a link to the video blog:

http://www.votejohntobin.com/ (scroll towards the middle).

Boston plans to learn from Philly...and get buy-in from all constituents. The community folks were less than optimistic.