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Topic subjectDo you know how cheap Internet Connectivity is Wholesale?
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33188, Do you know how cheap Internet Connectivity is Wholesale?
Posted by M2, Thu May-26-05 12:01 PM

Say for instance that you're a Internet Hosting company and you're paying an "upstream provider" for access? It's pennies on the dollar compared to what we pay now.

E.g. It is a fatuous argument to claim that paying $50 for Broadband service is cheap, when you consider it costs a fraction of that to provide it.

The Govt. isn't going to be making a profit off of this or "lining its pockets"

As for the US just being "First" and now we have to pay off old tech Investments, while others get to run wild with our innovations and improve upon them isn't quite correct:

-Here in the US we made a lot of STUPID investments in infrastructure and technology that is no longer used or wasn't as adopted as people thought it would be. Technology that was being developed nearly simultaneously around the world and our neighbors just made better decisions.

-Don't confuse the size of our economy in terms of the # of people and money involved with being a technological leader, Japan and S. Korea have been head of us in many ways since the 80's.

-A lot of the innovations of the last 10 years happened via people all over the world creating things and in some cases, the foreigners were ahead of us from Jump. For example, Europe's cell phone service has been ahead of ours for years simply because they went in a different direction due to having a stronger demand for cell phones than US, (less space for land lines).

-Since our foreign neighbors produce more engineers than we do, we wouldn't have had our Tech Boom without those engineers coming to the US for school. Now a lot of those engineers aren't even bothering coming to the US.

-We've been doing a lot of research and manufacturing overseas since the 80's, meaning that we've been paying foreigners to come up with our innovations and build our products for some time now.

-Yes, the US innovates a lot - but the reason that other countries are moving ahead of us isn't due to us just paying for the first round of new tech, as other countries have been moving haead of us for nearly two decades now and in many cases, started the first round with us, made the same investments and than accelerated ahead.