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Topic subjectRE: The missed question here...
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33187, RE: The missed question here...
Posted by foxnesn, Wed May-25-05 04:28 PM
>...does the gov't going wireless serve the greater good of
>the community? And the answer is OF COURSE!!!

no, they are doing it to line their pockets with a service that is extreme;ly cheap and is available to the vast mjority of americans.
>You have countries, not just local gov'ts, across the globe
>already doing this. South Korea, for example. We are already
>falling behind other "developed" nations technologically and
>in other ways because we are trying to appease lobbyists and

no, we are falling behind beause corporations are still paying off large investments into old technology. its the burden of being first in a global economy. we make it, other countries use the technological information and improve upon it at the fraction of the cost.

>Imagine having the ability to pack up your laptop and go
>anywhere you want and have instant access to the web, or your
>PDA, or any other computer device. Think of all of the other
>benefits to the community this will have because of everything
>you can do via the internet.

thats great...of course if it were that easy im sure IPSs would be all over it...
>And what about all of those people who can't afford internet
>access? This will definitely help to fill in some of the
>information and learning gap between the wealthy and poor.

comcast cale, the largest provider in the US offers internet access at 50 bucks a month. verizon online dsl is 30 bucks a month. if the internet is that imortant perhaps people should reallign their budget.
>You sound like you'd be against Universal Healthcare and
>lowered prices for presciption drugs, too. The corporations
>are getting and staying fat off of things that should be
>public services. Screw them and the AZT bus they came in

the govt would get fat off of these things because the govt has a monopoly. they dont compete. they dont have to make a profit. they dont bow to the consumer.