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Topic subjectRural Electrification helped build this country's economy......
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33181, Rural Electrification helped build this country's economy......
Posted by M2, Thu May-26-05 11:46 AM
.........as did the Interstate Highway System & Universal Telephone.

Government programs that allow more people (particularly those in underserved areas) to take advantage of various technological innovations that foster communication and/or transportation, has proven to be a good thing in the past.

We're talking about basic WiFi here, it's not going to be as robust or as dependable as your Cable Modem, nor is it going to have the value added services which generate the bulk of the cable company's profits.

Considering our Broadband Infrastructure is dial-up compared to South Korea's system, pushing the Cable Companies to roll-out more innovations due to your local municipality having a baseline level of service, not to mention being more competitive on price, is a good idea.

In S. Korea the Govt. putting its weight behind building the most robust broadband network on the planet, has resulted in an astonishing rate of innovation in that country. It's not a stretch to say that the economy has more than benefited from any Investments made by the Govt./money paid by Tax Payers.

To go back to your mail analogy, Fedex and UPS can't make a profit delivering mail for 37 cents a letter, but they can make a ton of money shipping packages and sending overnight mail.

The Cable Companies will do the same, with respect to providing a higher level of service and will perhaps stop screwing the customer, with the utter lack of competition the Cable Companies and Telcos are really screwing the consumer when it comes to providing certain services and due to the lack of competition there is little anyone can do about it.

I think that in the end, the Consumer and the Cable companies will be better off.