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Topic subjectRE: I think internet connectivity should be a public utility
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33174, RE: I think internet connectivity should be a public utility
Posted by Cocobrotha2, Mon May-09-05 03:18 PM
>but you can get free access to the internet at the public
>library. and why should my tax money go to a service i dont
>need? are you suggesting all internet access should be

Nah, everything shouldn't be nationalized. They've spent alot to build their optic and cable lines so I wouldn't support just taking their networks.

But I think there's an opportunity to offer a base level of service universally over a medium that's not owned by any company (the air). I agree with some of what Abdurashid said too. The companies can still offer some kind of value added service. Some would still pay more for more bandwidth or a more reliable service (wireless connections will be somewat flaky in some areas).

I have a feeling you're the kind to virulently question ANY govt spending so I dunno if I could convince you that any expense would be worth it.