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Topic subjectRE: What's your standard for "unnecessary entitlement"?
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33172, RE: What's your standard for "unnecessary entitlement"?
Posted by foxnesn, Thu May-12-05 05:47 AM
>Since the internet is a comunication device, it's ludicrous
>to compare it to getting a free car, house or job.
>A better comparison (to me) would be to our phone lines. We
>have a universal and robust phone system that ensures public
>safety and the integrity of our nation (almost every part of
>the nation is at least reachable by phone, if by no other
>means). Is that an unnecessary entitlement?

yes it is unnecessary. however, if you feel entitled to a phone line you can move to an area where a private business will offer it to you for a price.

>Right now, it's mostly rural areas trying to keep up with
>their more connected cousins in the city. They're underserved
>by the current providers and it hampers their ability to
>attract high-tech and internet jobs to replace the
>agricultural and manufacturing jobs being lost.

too bad. move. my taxes shouldnt pay for them.
>Offering free wireless internet is their way of offering
>services that people want and need (would you live somewhere
>where dialup was your only option?). I think the trend will be
>for rural and ex-urban communities to offer more and more free
>internet since it'll allow them to compete for the jobs that
>usually go to the inner suburbs and cities.

if someone 'wants or needs' a service badly they move to get it. you dont raise my taxes just so yokel joe shmo can have access to the information super highway (something i pay to have). if he is worried about competing for a job he moves.

>Finally, the great thing about your suggestion to "move" is
>that it applies to you too. If the people in yor community
>eventually decide they want to pay for universal internet
>through taxes, you can just move to another community

here is a suggestion. make the people that use this service pay for it and the people that dont use the service have an exemption on their taxes. if you want to start a govt operated internet system (good luck, everything the govt runs is inefficient) then make the people who complain about not having access pay for it and let me have an exemption on my taxes.