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Topic subjectHow expensive do you think it is?
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33161, How expensive do you think it is?
Posted by Cocobrotha2, Mon May-09-05 07:02 AM
Putting another transmitter on a cell tower has to be infinitely cheaper than burying thousands of miles of cable or fiber optics.

The only reason the current companies haven't exploited wireless is because they've spent billions upgrading their current lines. They have to show it was worthwhile until they can perfect the interactive tv services they've been promising for years.

Also, I have little sympathy for these companies, particularly the cable companies. There are so few competitors and the way choices are made now, it's unlikely your cable service will change unless the company goes bankrupt or truly pisses off most of its customers.

Prices rise yearly to "improve service" yet they say it would be too expensive for us to get the ability to choose what we want to watch a la carte, meaning we're forced into either choosing too much service or too little.

If you try to escape to satellite TV but aren't within range of DSL, they just jack up the price of broadband to make up for your defection. I'd like this wireless internet option just so I'd have the ability to completely drop my affiliation with Comcast.