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33159, RE: What's interesting is that
Posted by foxnesn, Mon May-09-05 06:50 AM
>13 states have pushed through legislation banning this
>initiative. Who said businessmen and politicians don't make
>strange bedfellows?

every municipality in this country has a contract with a cable provider. companies bid on the contract and the lowest bidder wins. we allow this to happen beause we do not want our neighborhoods stricken with a hundred different lines running across streets past trees and what not. now we have wireless technology which completely solves the problem. however companies dont yet think it is profitable for them to get involved with wireless just yet. the govt can provide it, albeit very expensively, as a free service. if the govt goes ahead, broadband companies will be at a huge disadvantage. they will have to invest in very expensive technology which will most likey see their yearly earning drop. then they wont be able to supplement their income because they will lose customers to the free govt service.