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33142, Yay...
Posted by PharO, Wed May-25-05 01:55 PM
...I definitely believe that we have lived multiple "physical" lives and that our spiritual essence is continual...meaning, our soul never dies.

I also believe, to an extent, that many of our spirits exist in groups. For instance, just looking at the way that I interact with my mother and my grandmother is so unique to how I interact with anyone else...like at some point in time, I was the elder of the crew, and now it's their turn to be.

The main thing in all of this, I guess, is what you consider to be the meaning of life. To me, your "physical" life seems to be about experiencing, learning from that experience, and growing. There are certain lessons in your life that you are supposed to have in order for your spiritual self to grow. When you don't learn from those lessons, you will repeat them in another life and then another until you learn those or that lesson.

When I listen to people ask, "Well, why did she do that?" or "Why did he murder those people?", there are multiple lessons for all of those involved, whether directly or indirectly, to learn from...meaning the murdered, the murderer, the families of both sides, or even someone who read the article about the murder.

The scary thing is not knowing what lessons you are supposed to be learning and what your destiny is in this particular life. I try not to worry about that and take things as they come, but I am very careful to examine my experience, whether large or small, to see what it is I could possibly learn from it. Maybe it's not really about me learning from the situation, but I went through it to affect someone else's life...like having a child so that child can grow up and protect someone else that you may never meet.

The question I have though, if there is a thing as living multiple lives, do our spirits progress chronologically through time and space?