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Topic subjectYay- Dont usually say much but....
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33138, Yay- Dont usually say much but....
Posted by mankara, Thu May-19-05 12:10 PM
While I also don't sit well with the term "reincarnation" I do believe I've been here longer than my actual current birth cycle. I don't feel as if I've died and returned but that I never left between life experiences. I meet people and know that I've known their spirits for quite some time. I think there are signs of living in more than one lifetime everywhere. I specifically remember noticing one day when I was around 12 that my younger sister who was maybe 3 or 4 at the time could easily navigate our house in the dark. Obiviously my parents dismissed this as
"just not as clumsy as you" but it occured to me at that very moment that she'd lived there before. Our spirits are so connected on so many levels, and I believe we naturally are attracted to the smae spirits over and over again...still thinking, come back to me later.

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