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Topic subjectalright give some food, give the dialogue some food
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33129, alright give some food, give the dialogue some food
Posted by Jahmir, Sat May-21-05 12:32 PM
>All this is in line with the dialogue i would like to

....discusing this topic is very difficult 4 me.......spirit is so complex and at the same time easy....if u can experiece the spirit, and the soul....
there are sooo many lifetimes, we life syncrone and also the life we life as the person, the human we know now (or start 2 know)... is multidimensional, we dont have just the physical body we also have a energetic/astral body.....many of them many.....
this is not just bla bla shamans studied this shit and archived since tousands of years,
fusion and syncronisation are i guess importand keys, we have 2 use fusion...like percusion, shake it like a drum 2 wake us and bring us back 2 our natural rhythem..... in situations in this actions etc,....and 2 fuse(!percusion! tatat nu sound-nu view) it with other perspectives, so we dont get in the cage, the prison of one perspective....and we give 2 much power 2 this perspective,
no knowledge as true as they might be should put my imagination in a cage,
...imagination is more important than knowledge, we have 2 remember that we are here 2 learn 2 create realities.....this i also have 2 remember my self again and again,.....blow this remember-weel like a tibetian-prayer-weel,.!Atention! dont drift away in poetry...not now
ok yeah back 2 the left brain-side....the "male" brain side its the side that helps 2 structure the soulfull-thoughts and feeling(who are sometimes very confused....or should is say creative anyway) the left brain side helps 2 project this thoughts and visions into the outside like a hologramm....and than cultivate them,
the right brain side is the "female side" the place of the visions....the bridge 2 the collective-unconsciousness.....and also the personal....
jung would say the place of the anima.....the sea of unconsciousness, where we are in "danger" 2 get in full/fool.....and if we clever we can get overthere 2 our soul through the darkness, through our shadow.....we also have 2 front with the shadow cause more and more u put yo shadow down it grows grows,...and get real fucked up (like the downpresed sexuality of some catolic priests who turns 2 a children-abusing monster)
i think collective its now the time were every thing what was sooo long downpressed into the (collective)-unconsciousness comes up NOW, cause we are short be4 the next step of human-evolution
... any way 2 fuse/syncrone left and right brain side is very importand,
meditation makes this 4 u if it goes good, and if u are lucky and brave enough u may have a obe....or a ibe (inner body experience).....
get a more fine-tune,..and be able to control the freeequency..
2 get 2 a obe u can also use the tool of visualisation......visualise when u are lieing in yo bed,...a room u know very good maybe the living room of your parents, really feel the room....yo feets when they touch the floor, sit down on the comfortable couch,....be realy there,....

see what happen....