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33127, Yay!
Posted by Jahmir, Wed May-18-05 03:51 PM
...I also was thinking lot bout syncron-lifetimes,
and what happens if u meet another u!
or another parralel or synron incarnation from yo soul,
and what is, if u fall in love with this person(you), shit yo self-love must have a high-high development, if it comes good, its your soul-love.....
so from the view/perspective that we all have a soul-a center-higher self thats outside of time and space and from where we (our spirit comes) and enter this humanbody,(+3d-"awake" mode)
and that the soul sends many incarnations at the "same time"/paralell/syncron,
on this earth, or on other planets, or galaxies,dimensions.....
so I was thinking and meditating how this incarnations of the own self interact with each other and if, on which level, how? on the sub-conciouness, dreams, meditation....
or/& is it like einsteins chaos theorie......so if u have a heavy headache and u dont know why.....maybe its cause a "different incarnation" of your-(higher)self goes through big troubles.......

i think its a fusion of all this.....inna daily-, higher-, sub- & asleep-consciousness,
and i think it can help, 2 conect us more with our soul and with knowledge and also loose "knowledge" that we donnt need, get mo free........
maybe some will say its not important......cause we are all conected so dont care bout it....
but I think it can help u 2 understand this step by step and also if u look unda a microscope, u get nu perspectives and understanding 2!

but yeah its a important topic, cause probably the time comes soon where we have 2 syncron and fuse with our soul, also on this earth
fa real

positive imaginations

tribe d.