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Topic subjectMulitple Lifetimes?.....Yay or Nay?
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33100, Mulitple Lifetimes?.....Yay or Nay?
Posted by Mau777, Wed May-18-05 04:24 AM
I would like to discuss a few subjects concerning spirit and spirit expression, but first i would like to have a general idea of who accepts the idea of multiple lifetimes. Some would say, "reincarnation" but i personally disagree with that terminology for reasons that will be discussed in my next post.

A simple yay or nay is fine, but elaboration is always welcome....unless you are christian or muslim or lean toward those paradigms. In that case just put christian or muslim and i see u. If u are apart of those belief systems, yet still accept the possibility of multiple lifetimes, I applaud you and would appreciate if you could elaborate on your perspective.