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33073, Co-sign all of this.....
Posted by Kozmikblak, Fri Jun-03-05 08:21 AM

>One of the huge problems, which i propose is at least
>partially the result of institutionalized brainwashing that
>affects everyone of every hue is the idea that black
>businesses are inferior and when multidimensional images of
>people of color are presented, people of color don't always
>support them.
>I get into all that stuff and i offer solutions. I'm not one
>of those folks who says: "They (white people) broke it and we
>is so weak dat we can't do nuthin' with out they (white
>people's) help/approval/permission." I simply believe in being
>honest about problems and saying, "look we can fix this
>provided that we're honest about how it got broken in the
>first place."
>As for personal responsibility...
>The one thing that i learned in my years in the marketing
>world is that as far as marketers are concerned, "personal
>responsibility" is for consumers only. Marketers take the
>approach of "we can do whatever it takes to convince you to
>buy something and put money in our pockets. We can lie,
>manipulate, withold facts, make dangerous products, engage in
>race-baiting, scare tactics, stereotypes, etc. All's fair in
>Love of money... But if you, the consumer buy into any of what
>we do, IT'S YOUR FAULT."
>I've never been able to figure out how personal responsibility
>only applies to consumers and not marketers and
>manufacturers... but that's how it works.
Just look at the recent rulings on Gillette and Tropicana.



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