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Topic subjectyou should have just bit that lip.
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33065, you should have just bit that lip.
Posted by suave_bro, Sun Jun-05-05 06:35 PM
>you may be playing devil's advocate, but in all seriousness.
>in 1919, oklahoma (tulsa) was known around the states for
>having a separate but equal black market that thrived (there
>was a ton of shit that went down that year, riots in chicago,
>mass lynchings, the list goes on..).

- as many times ive referenced this period in time for african americans in my posts over the past 3 years, this was truly unecessary.

>hypothetically, if the
>black (target) market were to split from the white (general)
>market - on a separate but equal status reminiscent of malcolm
>and marcus' call for a separate state, and blacks maintained
>business by keeping money in the community. all things being
>equal (in terms of access to mass mediums and technology) do
>you think that these sale points, that you stand behind in the
>above quote, would exist? would an autonomic black sales force
>present these images to the black community and expect to

- okay first of all you are jumping topics - this post has shit to do with black folks keeping money in their own community or economic empowerment. secondly, have you not been paying attention to a thing ive said? black folks LOVE these images. PERIOD. end of discussion. my black political thought proffessor scoffed @ the "blaxploitation" film era of the 70's arguing that when we finally got creative control over our own images, we throw pimps, gangsters, hustlers, and promiscuous women up there as our role models and heroes. my argument is that none of this is about white people or the "machine" or whatever u want to call it, it is about US accepting and LOVING the images that these folks are pushing on us...with that being said, the question is WHO WOULD THRIVE "NOT" PUSHING THESE IMAGES!?!? not very many my friend. u have to give the people what they want...