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Topic subjectRE: no, *these* are terrible examples:
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33054, RE: no, *these* are terrible examples:
Posted by 40thStreetBlack, Thu Jun-02-05 09:58 PM
>- no. city of angels was created specifically to make the
>NAACP happy after constant complaints about how there was a
>lack of black representation on network television (they didnt
>have SHIT to say about cable), black people knew the shit was
>on television, we just didn't watch it.

Yes. Those complaints were about a lack of black representation in serious network dramas. Thus it was competing against shows like ER and Chicago Hope, not those garbage UPN sitcoms.

>- I know this, this is what im reffering to, what you consider
>stereotypes and cooning we find entertaining. that isnt the
>media's fault that's on us...

PulpHustler's post explains in explicit detail how it is the media's fault.

>- look, shuffling, cooning, buckdancing whatever u want to
>call it, black folks like it and white folks are getting paid
>off of it. you mad nigga?

No, I'm disappointed. You mad coon?

"Like, may the Force, like, be with you - ZOINKS!"

- Jedi padawan Sha'a Gi