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33038, RE: @ the end of the day though
Posted by k_orr, Thu Jun-02-05 01:25 PM
>exactly. would these products sell to black people if these
>stereotypes were not used as effectively in ads? also, youve
>got conflicting interests. take that mcdonalds chicken
>commercial a while back where a black lady use a little black
>slang 'ebonix' when she ate her chicken. some black people
>thought it was racist because it stereotyped black people. but
>then you have a group of people who think ebonix should be an
>acceptable form of communication and that the white man is
>shitting on it! what would these people think about that ad?
>my brain is going to explode one of these days figuring out
>all these okayactivists.

The problem that you and Suave Bro are having, is that you don't realize that black people are not monolithic.

I guess that comes from looking @ black issues from white eyes, and thinking that there can only be 1 way to look at it.

As to Suave, the sheer fact that Bill Cosby's attitude towards lots of issues in black american life is shared by nearly a majority of black folks, should tell us all that it's very difficult to figure out what black people are about - and that it;s silly to generalize in this context.

The article however goes out of its way to show how much white industry, in this case advertising, is unwilling to acknowledge the diversity of black, insists on obvious (ie stereotypical black cues), and only if it's consistent with a white understanding of blackness.

But this level of obviousness seems to escape the both of you.