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Topic subjectRE: Consumer is king?
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33026, RE: Consumer is king?
Posted by foxnesn, Fri Jun-03-05 04:29 PM
>>...so...im not sure
>>where your arguement against marketing companies comes from.
>Oh well. There's a clear history,,,from 1870 (and before) to
>the present. Also, you never really addressed my questions.

here are your questions...

-'My question to you is: Who do you think is behind a good deal of the marketing that targets young Black people? How many of these young people are media literate? and

i know you want me to answer 'white people are behind a good deal of marketing' but im not gonna say that. you see, a lot of different people work for marketing companies and i would argue that the vast majority of black people in marketing perpetuate the black stereotype you see on tv beause they know it works.

i dont think many of the black kids are media literate by your definition. i think every person is armed with common sense when it comes to hearing/seeing/reading media.

-Where do these young people get educated to become media literate?'

this is a leading quesiton. you want me to say 'school' and then you can come back and tell me that that media literacy isnt offered in schools blah blah blah. if you really think a class in media literacy will somehow curb people's materialism im afraid you are mistaken. because afterall this is about materialism. buying to much. spending beyond one's means. if young black people didnt overspend we wouldnt be having this conversation.