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Topic subjectRE: Consumer is king?
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33021, RE: Consumer is king?
Posted by Nettrice, Wed Jun-01-05 08:25 PM
>so people buy things they see advertised...remind me again
>what is wrong with this?

Let me put it this way, there is nothing wrong with advertising a product but when the intention is unethical I take issue with it. People are not hatched from eggs fully formed and able to decipher the difference between something that is less beneficial to them vs something benefits them or people in their family or community. I mean this is okayactivist not okaycapitalist, meaning some (not all) of the people who i discuss these topics have involvement in action to bring about change, be it social, political, environmental, or other change. I'm saying that the media is leaning too much in one direction, serving corporate interests above all else.

>yet you dont see to be effected by these powers...hrm...

In college I used to confront my peers about a similar issue because they came to the BSU meetings and went over the corner store to buy 40 ozs afterwards. Time after time someone would say to me, "But that's you. You can't compare yourself to other people." It used to make me angry but as I got older I could see that I was on a different path than some of my closest friends. I am an educator and media is what I specialize in. To me it's important to stay vigilant about the messages and intentions because I care about Black people and communities. In a way, I've always been about equity...and media rights.

>so education is the key in combating the evil marketers who
>mold society they way they see fit. yet you still put the
>blame on the marketers and not the people. amazing.

Question: Who do you think is behind a good deal of the marketing that targets young Black people? How many of these young people are media literate?

Media literate individuals are active consumers of media...versus passive consumers who are impulsive and easily controlled. This matters to me.

Final question: Where do these young people get educated to become media literate?