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32991, RE: missing out...
Posted by samsara, Sun May-29-05 05:09 AM
gotta mention Bayard Rustin, who was one of the most influential behind the scenes folks in the US civil rights movement and a large broker in general peace movement. MLK Jr. was probably more influenced by Rustin's take on Gandhian philosphies than Gandhi himself. In addition to spending time in India, Rustin spent earlier years doing non-violent development work in Africa, Ghana specifically. and although he may not be classified as a pan-africanist, his global outlook maybe even transcends that.

Ralphe Bunche is another person that comes to mind... i think in general many african-americans' connections to other cultures and the continent in particular are always downplayed as time goes by. while the connections are not always made through pan-africanist ideals, the influence was still there.