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Topic subjectThe Haitian revolution can be be an indicator of consciousness
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32988, The Haitian revolution can be be an indicator of consciousness
Posted by brokenchains79, Wed May-25-05 10:58 PM
I don't know what kind of affects it had in other parts of the carribean (assuming great) but in America you find the haitian revolution mentioned in so many of the text of the Black writers back then, I think it let "Diasporans" know there was a unified struggle.

Denmark Vesey's revolt included them getting boats and escaping to Haiti. Even during the missouri compromise many of the northern senators was using the Haitian revolution as a reason to stop slavery. David Walker in his appeal mentioned haiti, Hosea Easton did a study etc... but I think you'd have had to live in a very remote place in america to have not been black and have some kind of sembalance to what happened there.

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